jk:CMS 13

Content management system for websites

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Easy content management

In jk:CMS content management system, users can easily and intuitively create and manage content using advanced WYSIWYG editor. No technical knowledge is required for website administration.

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Responsive design support

Jk:CMS Content management system fully supports responsive designs for websites. Web pages created with jk:CMS are displayed properly on all devices, be it computer, mobile, or tablet.

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Content versioning and workflow

Content versioning and approval are basic features of jk:CMS. All text content is automatically versioned and backed up. Content approval enables content to be prepared in advance and published later.


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+420 728 151 763
josef [at] kunhart [dot] eu

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Josef Kunhart
Bohušovická 486/9, 190 00, Prague 9
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Josef Kunhart
Bohušovická 486/9, 190 00 Prague 9

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